The Process & What it Costs

The process could not be simpler and it does not interfere with the day to day running of your business; and because all faces are blurred your customers’ privacy is protected.

Just contact me, we will arrange a convenient day and I will come and shoot. A shoot will take anything from two hours to half a day normally, depending on the site of your location. The shoot will capture both Panoramic images (Panos) and individual Points of Interest images (POSs) for your Google Places page. I will then process and upload them for you and, subject to you already having a Google Places page, the tour and POIs should be up and running within the week.

I then supply you with your own copy of the POIs on CD and the code to embed the tour into your own website and / or your preferred social media.

And we can work together to PR your tour with any likely interested media.

My rates start from £250 so please contact me to discuss your specific location.


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